Thursday, May 15, 2008


It took 3 mails from shruthi to make me open this blogger account to break the hiatus..

Last movie seen in a theatre:

Kuruvi!!! (with Dhivya akka and Suresh) Got to c superman,spiderman n he-man in a new kollywood avatar.GRRRR!!

What book are you reading?

Jus completed The Winner by David Baldacci in the morning before coming to office.

Favourite board game:

I just cant park my ass in one place n play...i prefer games which hav some physical activity..

Favourite magazine:

Ananda Vikatan!!! has been a regular from 9th std ..

Favourite smells:

the scent in the air when it rains.a new liril soap..

Favourite sound:

Not my Phone Alarm in the morning for sure!! I prefer the silence to any thing else..

Worst feeling in the world:

the screeetch of the chalk on te board..i hate it!!!

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?

is there water in the pipe or not.. :( am sure all the inhabitants of my apartment wud be waking up with the same thing in the mind.

Favourite fast food place:

hahah...road side eateries!!!!! KAiyendhi bhawan :P

Future child’s name:

hmmm i was hooked to this name Altaaf after watching Mission Kashmir..but no specific idea though for now..But one thing for sure that it is not gonna be a long one like mine :)

Finish this statement, “If I had a lot of money I’d…”

C every damn place i wud evr wanna c...i love travelling to new places and checking them out on legs..

Do you drive fast?

hehehehehehehehehehe...FACT: Pulsar 150 can hit 110km in its full throttle..I confirm it.. :P

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?


Storms - Cool or Scary?

No idea :P

Do you eat the stems on broccoli?

I dont touch the vegetable only

If you could dye your hair any colour, what would be your choice?

Have been thinking to try one for a lng time...i beter try one soon..else it wud be too late :P no idea which one though..

Name all the different cities/towns you have lived in:


Favourite sports to watch:

To watch---- cricktet n Tennis

One nice thing about the person who sent this to you:

She keeps my blog alive by waking me up now n then..

What’s under your bed?

Used to have lots of stuffs during college days...Its no more now :(

Would you like to be born as yourself again?


Morning person or night owl?

night owl most definitely.Trying desperately to become a Morning person with no luck..

Over easy or sunny side up?

sunny side up!!

Favourite place to relax:

home!! Sweet Home!! :)

Favourite ice cream flavour:


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Paarthadhil Rasithavai -1

Tv was on n i was reading 'The client' by grisham...I usually don't care which song is played when i am reading a book...I jus want some song in the background..but the moment i saw this song in tv, i really liked it the first time i heard it..Surprisingly, this is the title song of a serial 'kadhalikka neramillai' in vijay before anyone starts...i dont watch serials n i have never seen this one before too..I liked the music, the voice of the gal who starts of in the beginning of the song and the lyrics could easily be among the best i hav seen for a romantic film song..

If anyone has any idea who the lyricist or singer is...let me know..

lyrics :

என்னைத் தேடி காதல் என்ற வார்த்தை அனுப்பு
உன்னைத் தேடி வாழ்வின் மொத்த அர்த்தம் தருவேன்
செல்லரிக்கும் தனிமையில் செத்து விடுமுன் செய்தி அனுப்பு

என்னிடத்தில் தேக்கி வைத்த காதல் முழுதும்
உன்னிடத்தில் கொண்டு வரத் தெரியவில்லை
காதலதை சொல்லுகின்ற வழி தெரிந்தால் சொல்லி அனுப்பு
பூக்கள் உதிரும் சாலை வழியே பேசி செல்கிறேன்
மரங்கள் கூட நடப்பது போலே நினைத்துக் கொள்கிறேன்
கடிதம் ஒன்றில் கப்பல் செய்து மழையில் விடுகிறேன்
கனவில் மட்டும் காதல் செய்து இரவைக் கொல்கிறேன்
(என்னைத் தேடி)

யாரோ உன் காதலில் வாழ்வது
யாரோஉன் கனவினில் நிறைவது
யாரோஎன் சலனங்கள் தீர்த்திட வாராயோ
ஏனோ என் இரவுகள் நீள்வது ஏனோ
ஒரு பகல் என சுடுவது ஏனோ
என் தனிமையின் அவஸ்தைகள் தீராதோ
காதல் தர நெஞ்சம் காத்து இருக்கு
காதலிக்க அங்கு நேரம் இல்லையா
இலையை போல் என் இதயம் தவறி விழுதே
(என்னைத் தேடி)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

கந்தலாய் கசக்கிப் போடும்
அன்றாட வாழ்வின் துயரங்களிலும்
துயரங்களை நெஞ்சில் சுமந்து
தலை தடவிய காதலிலும்
காதல் அள்ளித் தந்த
உயிர் பிரியும் வலியிலும்
வலியில் மயிலிறகாய் வருடி
ஆறுதலாய் தோள் தந்த நட்பிலும்
நட்பு நிலையில்லாத உறவாய்
பிரிந்து சென்ற வேதனைகளிலும்
குழம்பித் தவிக்கிற மனதில்மழலையாய்
உன் மடியில்மகிழ்ந்திருந்த
என் நினைவுகள்மத்தாப்பூவாய் விரிகிறது
மழலையாகவே இருந்திருக்கலாமோ?
ஏங்கித் தவிக்கிறேன்
ஏனம்மா வளர்ந்தேன்???

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This happened last thursday.I was waiting in cantonment for my train to madurai.Thus is the converse relationship between me and 6732 is that it always shows up a minimum of half n hr late whenever i show up on time. N on one day, when it was raining cat n dogs..i showed up 5 mins late and it was already hooting,ready to leave... hinting like a old love, not to take it for granted..Anyways, i wasn't for any surprises on that day, It kept its tradition intact n came a mere an hr n half late. I had finished my vikatan and was observing the ppl arnd me.There was an enunch standing in the shop nearby. I believed she was also waiting for the same train.

I had all possible mean thoughts hovering around me, ranging from wot she would have filled in the ticket application form , as it had only checkbox for male n female - to who the unfortunate soul wud be to sit next to him/her.

There my beloved 6932 came after a long wait and i have this bad habit of getting a hot choc before boarding..I do that invariably to alllow the uncles,aunties to fight it out first as though they r standing in the queue for a thirupathi laddoo..I boarded last and waited outside the bay allowing an uncle to scramble with his luggaes when i saw the enunch that i had seen in the platform seated in my bay.I almost spilled my hot choc on my shirt..Wot the helll???? I know that fate loves playing games with me..but not to this extent..Let me be honest here, there were pretty gals in the next bay and i didnt wanna be a laughing stock before them.So, i decided to jus deposit my bag and go for a stroll till pantry little knowing that there isnt one in my beloved 6732.

I was standing aside the train door...i love doing that during my train journeys..I get reminded of the long journeys to pilani,when i used to sit in door steps of the train n have a chat with manly.TN express used to be a long one with almost 20 coaches so, it was a nice sight to see it making its curves..Then it struck me that i had to go to my seat for checking my ticket with the TTR...n i was in no mood to show my face there, even if i had to spend the whole night in the doorstep...

Clock ticked by...I finally decided to get back to the bay..I could see the TTR coming at the far end..I saw that all the 6 people in the bay were uncomfortable with her around..There was a newly wed which kept making gestures...Another family which was irritated at the very sight of her.She who had a seat among the 6 seats in the bay was made to sit in the sideberth..n the seat opposite to her was left unoccupied. But she cared little, she was reading some book and seemed unaffected by the things going around her..

I was wondering what fault was hers to be singled out by the society...Was that her fault to be born an enunch ?? In a society which readily accepts people wearing masks,y didn't i accept a person with only a different physical disability..What took me so long??for a person like me who is supposed to be educated ,broad minded blah blah...i had no damn right to see the 6 people in the bay with crticizing eyes. What took me 15 mins to realize is taking them a life time..

I spoke to her......period.

Our conversation lasted only for a few mins...I was actually surprised i did it..People in the bay had more reasons now to make me take the side berth which i gladly accepted...

Life provides you with opportunities,its upto us to make it as a memorable experience.I had made up my mind to know more about enunchs when i stepped in madurai..There is never a dearth for books at my home..My father has a stock of his medicine books right from college.I still remember, becoming fond of geneteics in school---Mendel's thoery that i read it from my fathers books..

What follows now will be a bit technical..but that made me understand my sex better and respect enunchs more..I'll try to keep it in layman terms....When a baby evolves in mother's womb..It doesnt have a gender associated with it for first 6 weeks. It is just a baby..not a boy or gal..Now for a brief history about chromosomes.a Male has XY chromosome and a Female XX. When a zygote is formed,it either has XX or XY but this doesn't necessarily decide the sex of the person.A baby after 6 weeks, has its hormones secreted. Male hormone is called androgen and female as estrogen.Surprisingly,both the hormones are present in everyones body.So,how does a baby evlove into a boy or gal??If a baby is destined to evolve as a boy,androgen secretion is on a far larger amount that estrogen and vice versa.

Now comng to enunchs, Enunchs have the normal XX or XY chromosomes as everyone do.They are one among us till their 6 week in womb.But secretion of hormones in indifferent quantities, alter their fate. So, an enunch who is born with male genitals but having female characteristics, has just had a hormone secreted differently than you and me.

As their chromosomes are unaffected,Enunch's can give birth to normal children and they can be born of normal parents..So,it could have been you or me too..
Do you think everyperson you encounter daily is a male or female????This surprised me..Answer is NO..IT depends on how you classify a person as male or a female..

How do u classify a person as male?? coz he had the physical genitals of a man?? then enunch have them too..Is it coz male have the androgen hormone secreted in the right amount coinciding with his XY ?? Think again!!I had earlier quoted that a male has XY chromosome..But there are conditions when a male have XYX in him..this doesnt adversely affect him outward appearance but they show some symptoms of females like enlarged chests and curtailed growth of hair on the facial..For technical puritans, this is called as kinefilter syndrome .

Vice vera for a female, she can have instead of the normal XX an additonal Y chromosome, which may lead to male symptoms like hair growth in face for females.This is called turner syndrome.

Am sure we would have stepped on hundreds of such individuals in every walk of our life. we were not overly bothered, coz their outward appearance mattered to me and you.

I loved penning this blog, more so coz it helped me evolve and to view an individual for the person he/she is and not for the gender to which he/she belongs.

Am looking fwd for my next journey in 6732....jus that there will a "so called" male or female in my opposite berth.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I had the house-warming for my new house last friday..It was a very low-key affair with only my mom,dad and grandma pitching in..My bro had better things to do in tuitions than to come with we oldies.Lots of ppl have asked me y i had to buy a house in MAdurai of all..I am not sure if i really wanted a house in madurai even,as am sure my work profile would never allow me to settle there(save some miracle happens to the economic growth in madurai).So,probably a house in chennai wud hav helped me lots n wud hav saved the pinch in my monthly pocket.

But the fact was tat my infy salary in first 2 yrs allowed me only to invest in Madurai (probably i wud hav to settle only for a car parking den in bangalore or chennai for the sal i drew then)

anyways from wot i hav learnt running behind banks for loans (5 to be precise), builders and contractors, is that u decide before buying a house if u r buying it for investment perspective or for ur own use.Never ever combine n confuse .

But there are factors apart from the above said ones...which i term it as "mooey-goooey" type..which are purely sentimental decisions on which u cant use ur head or debate on but only agree to it.. Like it happened to me..I was deliberating hard whether i hav to risk by taking an additional loan or sell some property n buy a house in chennai, when my mom throws a senti-bomb ( i swear they are tuffer to negate than the nuclear ones)..Anyways i loved the style of the house , so started having a liking to it in the long run too though it was purely mom's wish that pushed me to sign the dotted lines..

Alas!! for the moment i waited for long...Builders had to formally handover the keys to houseowners when they pay the whole due..My parents believed that i had collected it before hand. But I didnt collect it from them and asked them to give it to my mom when i bring her in the evening to the house..It is needless to say she was pleasantly surprised to c them come over n give the keys to her :)

My mom knows that iam not mushy kinds but at times we take our parents for granted that we deprive them of the small smiles..I have done that lot many time..I dint wanna miss a chance this time arnd..

PS: Left my cam back in madurai so cudnt get a pic of my home :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wayanad Trip!!

Photos @

It all started during a jog on wednesday morning..I was commenting on how boring the work is at office and probably its time we went for a trip..And to my surprise both dindu and KD agreed to go for one , if not the same weekend atleast the next weeknd.Murali was goling home the next weeknd and kuka was in a dilemma too as his mock cat was starting that weeknd.So, it was finally decided to go to Wayanad the very same weekend. I went on thurday mroning and booked the To- Journey tickets for me,murali,kuka,kd and mudhalva (this was the only part of our whole trip which was planned)..Kd was given the onus to collect as many docs related to wayanad..So there we set out on the "Most Unplanned Trip" :)

We reached majestic for the 8 o clock bus at 7.40..had our dinner in a restaurant there..KD was my financier for ther whole trip.Actually,I needn;t have carried my purse et all for the whole trip.I hardly used it save for max 2-3 instances :)) We got our places in the last 5 rear seats of the bus. and u can imagine how a bumpy ride in a hilly path wud be..We were too sleepy to care for that and when we woke up , rather waken up at 3.30. we were asked to get down in some remote dark road.We dinst have a clue where we were..All that we knew was that the place is called "Kalpetta".Murali went n asked a bystander for "Wayanad", and he gave a look like koundamani..Rightly so..coz Wayanad is a district and it comprises of 3 sub-regions or,it was like coming to bangalore and asking for karnataka :)))

We checked few hotels in kalpetta , some were full and many were out of our budget.So, we decided the most-optimal option of sleeping in the bus stand itself..Kuka and Murali decided to booze in the meanwhile and unlucky for them and luckily for us there were no liquor shops open at that goddamn hr..
When i woke up.. oops..waken up..I heard someone cryng.."Going to Nepal...sheikh..come fast.."...Nepal?? i didnt give a heed about the logistics..I pulled up my blanket and sprinted to the bus..Only later did i realise that it was Meppaadi and not Nepal..Dont ask me how i heard it as NEpal in my half sleep :P

Meppadi was a small town whre u can get only the essentials..If u ask for anything more..they will point u to Kalpetta..Cinema theatre..?? kalpetta..Bike on rent?? Kalpetta..ATM atleast? KAlpetta..Anyways, we decided to stay put in meppadi as it was the onlly place where we cud find a roof over our head..The acco was quite cheap..800 per day for a one bed room with five beds..But iam damn sure we were taken for a ride..

We set off to shoochepura falls on saturday morning arnd 10 AM..There was lots written in blogs so, we went in with quite high expectations..but all that we did was a nice trek for some 3-4 kms to the falls...and another 8 kms to the bus stop when we headed back..Guys got liquor and i as usual gave company emptying the limca :) The falls was very slippery and each one us fell atleast once reaching the mainstaream. And monkey Man - Murali kept climbing to some rock or the other..

Luckily we got hold of a jeep on our way back..Kuka was feeling a bit dizzy during the ride bac and he started vomiting on a queer stone pillar which was nailed (mudhalva called it as a seyvenai hehehehheheeh)..We were getting him water to drink n wobble when an old lady kept shouting at us in mallu..This was the turinign point of our Trip!!! Nothing went right at first go from then on for the entire trip and we blamed it all on Kuka'a cursed vomit..

We then planned to go for idukkal Cave in the evning..We set out at 4.30 and reached the place at 6 only to know that Cave closes at 5. GRRRR.. Murali had heard from one of his collegues that
Cave was quite scary and is a must go..So, we decided to go for Chembur Hills in the morning for sunrise and go to Caves in the afternoon before packing our bags home..

We returned bac to Meppaadi and confirmed with the "Mis-information" Auto guy to come at 4.15 in the morning. He gave us a number and as i didnt carry my mobile with me , i jotted it down in a visiting card w/o realsing that it had only 9 numbers...eeeeeeeekkss!!!Like in pursiut of Happiness!! This part of my life is called Being stupid!!.. We got up at 4 (unusually), waiting till 4.30 n the auto guy didnt show murali and me went to the busstand and luckily there was a shop open at that time..I had heard the auto guy say it as a reliance number..So, i asked that shop owner if he can guve any idea abt the starting numbers for reliance..he said 2 numbers and one did match exactly..yupppie!! We went back to the room and called the auto guy..and we got to hear only the sweet voice telling tat phone is switched off..Felt like killing that #@~#@.. Finally we had no other go but to hit the bed for another hr , and then catch an auto at 6..Kuka meanwhile strode out with the cam..We got up at 6 and headed to Chembur hills..We had walked abt 10 steps when tat auto wala shows up and says to kd that he had thought that it was 4 in the evening..I wonder how sunrise happenes in the evening..n i told him repeatedly some 3 times..grrr..Anyways,,we finally set off to Chembur and when he dropped us off thr..He turns back and tells us not to trek up as u need a Forest permission slip from the bottom of the hill..eeekks!!! God giv us patience!! We were not bothered to be caught and we were not going bac w/o trekking, so we asked him how to reach the top..he showed us a path right next to where he dropped! there was a watchtower at far end..We decided to click photos ans return bac to climb..And we retuned bac, we struck conversation with a guy there only to find tat the path to top is right next to the watch tower....WOW!! Now you know y we named the auto guy "MR.Mis-information"..

In all this melee, we forgot to carry waterbottles or snacks..And the guy scraed us telling that it was a 2.5 hr trip to the it is impossible to carryon w/o water..hahhahaa...This part of our trip is wot i call "Being Crazy"..WE decided to trek w/o water and we reached the Artin-Pond comfortably in 1.5 hrs..We were so tired that we drank water from that pond..( which is the reason iam blogging this piece from home and have been home-struck with fever for last 2 days)..We climbed down rather fastly ..i virtually ran down in 45 mins..n found a old man posing as a sadu under a guy..He called me up and offered water..If it had been any other day, i wud have courteosly said thanks..But i was dying of thirst..I drank a gulp even before i uttered a word..Water!! true is the elixir of Life :) The old man was mentioning about his new found hobby of travelling places..He was too fit for his age and climber down the hill path quite comfortablly along with kd and mudhalva..

Our bad times didnt end there..we had to walk some 4 km to find an auto back home..We were almost in ravaging hunger when we reached home and we hit straight to the restaurant..We decided to pack pur bags and head for the cave and leave for mysore from there..We had booked our rooms only for a day and it was already 6 hrs past that time...So, we donned our culprit caps and left the key in the door and packed our bags to the cave straight :)

The journey to the cave was another 1 hr and for the hype created for the cave...there was virtually nothing in that goddamn place..there were few lines here n there and some sanskrit like scribblings..and to c this crap, one had to walk some 3 km uphill..But there is one thing common in kerala..u can;t find any thing worth watching in a plain..Its a different thing if u actually got to c something nice after climbing so much..but all we got to c is some crap..I wanna c that guy who said it was scary to Murali!!

And again we walked another 3 km to the busstop and left to Sultan Bathery,supposedly a better town that the other 2 we had encountered till now..Kuka was desperate to watch the film with Mammooty + 5 heroines..He wud have asked a min of 5 ppl fr the theatre screening it..and unluckily it was not shwing in bathery but there was prithviraj(Mozhi) in a film called khaakee..We decided to give it a try..We were in the nick of the time for the evening show..and only when i sat down i realised that i was having a bad headache..My running nose worsened in that half n hr..and for all the sound in the theatre my head was breaking..I have sinusites right from my child hood and i get this headache often..though not of late..But i usually get this when i stay in water for long.At the end of the film..I was in a horrible state,,I was waiting to be back to bangalore.I couldn't bear anymore..

We started enquiring about the buses to mysore after the film..Everyone were almost sure that we won't get tickets as it was a sunday..So, we went to the bus depot and got the timings of the ksrtc buses..The first bus was at 9.50.. and the last one at 1.00 AM, after which there were a couple of private ones..We decided to have dinner in the meantime..We went to the restaurant right next to the bus stop..My headache was now crssing its bearable limit...I could feel my nerve propping up in my left forehead..Mudhalva was quippng something abt me and i usually take it as a sport..I was patient enuff even then, and told him not to do that now, as iam in a bad state..He quipped one more time wantedly and i picked up the glass of water i had and splashed it right across his face in the middle of the restaurant..I would have thrown the glass at the first instant, luckily atleast i had the sense not to do that..I know i was stupid doing that..but i dont regret doing that even now.

So, the trip ended with sour note..Me and kd leaving by the 9.50 bus, I didnt mind it being crowded..While kuka,muali and mudhale preferred to stay bac and try thier luck in the next bus.. We got to sit near the futboard till mysore..and finallly got to travel comfortably from mysore to bangalore...
We reached bangalre at 4 in the morning and i jus abt managed to carry myself to my house..I bid bye to kd and crawled into my bed..

After Trip: I was down with high fever,body pain and headache for 2 days and managed to go to office only on the 3rd day.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Wot a boring weekend it turned out to be..!! I had my semester compres scheduled the whole of saturday n sunday..Not tat i had any qualms abt doing well, i shud hav atleast opened my buk for expecting something gud..I was jus shit uneasy whenevr i thought of writing those 2 papers on sunday at a trot for 5 hrs..:( (courtesy- my never ending arrears)
But it was fun..ITs been long i showed such thadi n did an exam decently....i hav this bad habit of gussing the exam if i havent prepared for it..And for my luck ( mind tat it never smiles when it sees me -my bread always falls on the butter'd side GRRRR!!), things did go exceedingly well for my standards..
But i was more worried tat i had already reached the end of my weekend when i was through with my exams :( so decided to watch some decent movie..Kuka wanted to go to vyabhari, i still have doubts y he wanted to c tat film badly..i doubt even the theatre watchman wud hav dared to watch it..So we decided to pick a movie in dvd..Nyways, there we had lots to choose from, thanks to cauvery dispute that noone of the theatres are screening any decent tamil movie for the last 1 month..
We picked pachaikili muthucharam finally n though i hav seen the movie "derailed" in english, i wanted to watch the movie as its tuff to narrate an extramarital relnship to an TN audience...We - the aaam aadmi of TN..(Now,dont dare come n tell me y shud i criticise only TN.It is my state bloody..i have lived in it for the last 20 i hav every damn right to sneer or jeer at it..) nyways coming to aam aadmi..we r so naively gud, we can only build temples for actresses, watch omlette being made on all posssb places...but we jus cant acccpet someone talking abt sex in public..or neither can we accept anything of tat sorts even in films..wah!!

Jumping bac to that day, i was comparing n contrasting, the way director had to add the extra elements in the story to make it presentable to tamil audience..No doubt teh audience didnt accept the plot anyways..

Uff!!! i had to abrupty end the blog its already a week past that i started writing this one.. hehhehehehe..
n wot a misnomer the first line of this blog turned out to be...:))) my last actual weeknd was jus the contrast of wot i had in bangalore...I had taken an off on friday (1. coz i felt like, 2. coz i had lots of hols at my disposal)..n went home more so to drive arnd in my new shift than for anythying else..
n ob!!! drove arnd evry noook n corner of mdu :):):) saw Ramasamy Sir...rode past my school..:((( those ever closed back dooors of play grnds...:(((
read lots....starting from my usual vikatan over the weeknd,to my bro's school books.....I used to read the reader n history chaps even before the school commenced even during my school days..There were few stories tat remained the same the sherlock holmes..3 students..n then the "Apple Picking"..I still remmeber this poem more for the way my M'am narrated it in a whole different scenario..If u read it in first glance,it would seem like a yet another poem..but if u knw the scenario in which Robert Frost had penned it, it woukld make much more sense..
For any is the poem link..

The blog has already meandered a touch too long to be read i believe.....Nyways,The Weeknd was Fun!!! No phone calls !!! No TV's !! No Films ( tats a big diff ;))...Lots of home foood,books and sleeep !!!!